Time-Keepers Vol.1 Time-Keepers Vol.1

Time-Keepers Vol.1

The Fundamentals in 1/8th Notes

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Publisher Description

Fully loaded with over 30 play-along videos!!
Time-Keepers is a step-by-step guide designed to teach anyone a complete musical foundation on the drum set. No prior drumming or musical experience is required. Each lesson is presented in a way that gives you a complete understanding of rhythms, reading their notation, fundamental musical concepts and how these all apply to the drummer. Inside you’ll find a wide vocabulary of grooves and fills to play, as well as instructions on how to practice them effectively and how to apply them to the music you love to listen to. 

Volume I : The Fundamentals in 1/8th Notes 

Designed for drummers at a beginner/intermediate level, to build a solid musical foundation. Even if you have no musical experience whatsoever, you will learn how to: 

• Play the drums with good technique and understanding 

• Develop a musical vocabulary of grooves and fills 

• Play along with music you listen to  

• Read musical notation ranging from exercises to entire songs 

• Improvise creatively and with confidence 

Read what Pro drummers think of Time-Keepers

"I am 100% behind Time-Keepers. It focuses on subject matter that is paramount to those wishing to advance not only as a drummer, but more importantly as a musician. Much respect."
- Chuck Keeping (Big Wreck/Suzie McNeil)

“From it’s opening, Time-Keepers is incredibly complete, relevant and full of useful content. Kevin has created a masterpiece that can easily stand it’s ground among the top quality literature already available on this subject.”

- Max Senitt (Alex Cuba)

“This is a great book! Meat & Potatoes. All killer, no filler. It’s the book that every beginning student should have. Thanks Kevin, for giving students what they want and teachers an easy and concise way to give it to ‘em.”

- John M. Wicks (Bruno Mars, Cee Lo Green, Fitz & The Tantrums)

“This book is hands down the best one I’ve come across that conveys the most basic and important aspects of the fundamentals of drumming. A must for all.”

- Jeff Luciani (The Dears)

“Time-Keepers covers all the basics in a focused and fun way. It’s also a great book for students who are advanced, have started to develop their drumming vocabulary but don’t understanding what they are playing. I’m positive ANY drummer will have a new vocabulary and a higher confidence level after working through Time-Keepers.”

- Flavio Cirillo (Hannah Georgas, Hail The Villain, Bif Naked)

“Time-Keepers is full of practical exercises that will get you playing along to songs right away, while providing an understanding of the theory and concepts behind what you’re playing. A must have for anyone thinking about picking up some sticks!”

- Mike Sleath (Alyssa Reid, Jesse Labelle)

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    Kevin Mendes

    Customer Reviews

    Hanan Younis ,


    Time-Keepers is a must have! I got a drum kit a few months ago, but before that I only played around on drums for fun. I really didnt know anything about drumming. I had some drum lesson books that were given to me with the kit and I used them for a bit. Then I got TIME-KEEPERS, and I kid you not it changed everything. I realized my drum kit was postitioned improperly, I was holding the sticks all wrong.. etc. Things that I thought I knew, but totally didn't. Time-keepers is an easy, but very imformative read. I HIGHLY recommend this book for beginners.

    Hanan Younis

    Xamzor ,

    A great way to get the fundamentals and more

    Very comprehensive and logical method book on how to play musically behind the drum set. Love that Kevin's concepts are outlined through playing music and having full transcriptions of classic songs. Highly recommend this for anyone looking to develop a more musical and balanced approach to their drum set playing. Also, a great method book for drum instructors!

    beenjammin drummen ,

    Time-Keepers Vol.1

    I love this book! It's the only drumming book I've ever seen that tells you "how to" play the drums, instead of just a whole bunch of notes on the page. There's awesome breakdowns and instructions that make it really easy to understand. The best part is that there are tips that help you to learn how to listen to music to identify what the drummer is playing. I listen to music in a much deeper way now and I'm much better at learning songs. My only question is… When does Volume 2 come out :)

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