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If you are one who looks for a logical explanation for most things, this book is for you. I believe the best way to describe it is to quote a few lines, such as the following: "Without gravity, there would be no building blocks; no stars, no galaxies, or no planets."--"This small amount of material avoided the fiery descent into the Sun because of the one natural enemy of gravity; inertia."--"This makes it very possible that we are not alone in the universe."--"This is why we have Leap Year."--"This means that light can travel around the Earth seven and one half times in one second."--"A good scale model of the Earth and Moon would be a basketball and a tennis ball placed twenty-four feet apart."--"And at that same speed, it would take about 70 thousand years just to travel half way across our own Milky Way Galaxy."--"To me that seems something like seeing a semi in Oklahoma going northeast on Interstate 44 at 75 MPH and concluding; two days ago, that truck was in Hawaii."--"Perhaps that magnificent dominant force is not the same as the magnificent dominant force to whom we pray and who promises eternal life. Stay tuned."--"I don't think it would have turned out too well if in 1300 B.C, God had tried to give Moses some insight about gravity, atoms, nuclear fusion, the Earth not being the center of the universe, etc."--"Such an example might be the conversion of the Ape into Man; (the missing link)."--"It seems that with enough time, we should be able to do amazing things that today would seem God-like."--"Such an input may inadvertently have an effect on our personality and might be the cause of certain traits that are associated with astrology."--"Imagine Angels all around who can read our minds from a great distance and when necessary send information about us up a chain of command."--"(Reincarnation)."--"(we may finally get so many communication signals and Wi-Fi signals bouncing around, the entire atmosphere explodes; who knows)."--"This line of thought would have perhaps made it easier for non-believers, who believe in evolution, to believe in God."--"Natural process or the hand of God?

Science & Nature
April 5
Don Hall
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