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Special Features:

• Movies (with amazing soundtracks by yours truly)

• Web-Hyperlinks

• Read Aloud / ADA compatible (tap anything and have the book speak to you)

• Interactive Pop-Out Photos

• Sound Snippets

• Hidden Information (that you just might need at the end of the book)

• And a few more tricks up this books sleeve are waiting for you (pun intended!)

Let's start with the “what” shall we?

Tiny Toads and Maybe A Turtle or Two is a not-so-serious, multimedia fact book stuffed, jam-packed AND fully loaded with movies, interactive pop-out pictures, sound snippets, hidden information and a few other surprises tossed in to really make it an interestingly new touchable kind of ride. There’s even web-hyperlinks to everything throughout the book to satisfy that “continued interest” mood that strikes when you least expect it!

Pretty much just animals, insects and nature found themselves at the other end of my camera during the makings of this book but that’s not to stop anyone from loving the adventure (even if you have allergies).

Written for kids but made for everyone...seriously. The book even reads to you. That’s right, it’s fully ADA compatible from the...I’m just going to say hilarious at times, writing to the pictures telling you what is illustrated and in a lot of cases what was going on while I was taking the picture.

And may I bring you up to the “why”?

I wrote Tiny Toads as just a personal book for my two magnificently adorable daughters. After it was all said and done while I was passing it around to get opinions on any tweaks, people were constantly suggesting that I publish it. 

So please, enjoy what started out as one proud father’s gift to his daughters and don’t forget to share it with your chunk of the world.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tech notes: You will need an internet connection for features like “web-hyperlinks” to work and you will need to turn on the ADA feature on your device for the book to read aloud (this is outlined inside of the book).

Young Adult
July 31
Jonas Owen
Smoking Stoop Studios