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Tobacco has been variously hailed as a gift from the gods, a miraculous cure-all for life’s physical ills, famously known as golden crop for its golden colored leaves, having divine gift in form of secondary metabolites like nicotine etc. This is perhaps the first agricultural commodity trade in international market for its useful leaves, owing to multifarious uses of its secondary metabolite. Its usefulness towards the welfare of mankind is never ever being under doughty and discovered in the beginning of human civilization and agriculture as well. I am very much sure “Tobacco” as whole is yet to be secure its respect of its due regards with very bright future, with the invent of new tools and techniques its potential will be realized later or sooner. In a recent research development in Arizona and elsewhere believe tobacco plants may hold the key to developing a personalized cancer vaccine as well as treatments for other diseases. This book “Tobacco” contains 30 chapters in six parts i.e. (i) Crop production (ii) Crop protection (iii) Crop improvement (iv) Tobacco trade (v) Issue and concern & (vi) Others. Chapters in this book are dedicated towards latest techniques of tobacco production, includes introduction, cultivation practices, crop protection, quality aspects, crop improvement and varietal development, and other related aspects. Book also deal with tobacco economics, trade opportunities in post WTO era, issues and concerned related to its cultivation, uses & abuses, and legislation in India to regulate and control tobacco. The second part contains seven chapters. Effort has been made to acquaint with all relevant aspect of tobacco in brief. In nutshell a capsule of tobacco for any one and everyone who is interested at least in brief about tobacco.

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June 30
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