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This set contains Unveiled & Crushed. 


They say that the apple doesn't fall from the tree. That the sins of our fathers and mothers always comes back to their children, completing a full circle. 

Karma. Was something I was skeptical about and yet here I am wondering if I will have a better fate than my mother ever did. 

I'm vivacious and quite the vindictive spirited woman. I also once vowed never to bow down to a man... until Dimitris Kosta came along breaking every barrier I had surrounded myself until I was stripped, bare-faced and exposed. He saw my beauty, my ugliness and the black heart I carried heavily inside me. I expected him to run yet he did the opposite. You see, this beautiful Greek man fell for me and yet I intentionally scarred him and broke his heart into smithereens. 

And even though I had mended and nurtured his heart, the fact remained the same... 

That I was still my mother's daughter.


Do you remember your first kiss? Not the I-dare-you-spin-the- bottle-kind, but the first kiss. You know, the one where you first feel your stomach somersault in anticipation and your heart pounds so hard against your chest, you’d think you're about to die on the spot. Well…that was Brody Thompson for me. 

For years, I kept my mouth shut about how I felt about him because everyone knew Lindsey Mason, one of my best friends, was in love with him. One drunken night in sophomore year, I spent the night in his arms. It meant everything to me, but sadly, I hadn't mattered much to him. 

I've watched him chase after my friend when he realized Lindsey was starting to take men seriously. So I remained on the side, seeing the man I loved fall more deeply for someone else. 

My love for him not only broke me. But it certainly crushed me into pieces.

Fiction & Literature
November 29
Pamela Ann
Pamela Banas

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