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Angel was a young woman that had been in bad relationships since she was old enough to date; they were either verbally abusive or would just use her. Her last relationship ended after two years when she found out he had a wife and children in another city, and it left her with a lot of hurt and pain and caused her to fall into a depression that lasted a few years.
When she was able to move past all that, she started getting her life together, so she relocated to another city to get away from her parents, who were both in the ministry and put a lot of pressure on her. She purchased a home in the wooded country area a few hours from where they lived so she could start fresh where no one knew her and didn't know what she had been through. She was determined to make it on her own, so she enrolled in school and got a great job and things were going great for her; she finally started living again. She met a great guy that showed her how it felt to be loved but ended up changing her life in ways she would have never imagined.
Wayen was an older man from Alabama who relocated to Atlanta for his job. He did maintenance repair work for the same company that Angel worked for. He was a man that was upstanding in his community and well-respected. He had two sons, Javen and Anthony, who were in college and an ex-wife named Vanessa. It was when he met Angel that the secrets, lies, and deceit would emerge and cause the lives of the people he loved to be torn. He would have never imagined that because of his lies, someone would be fighting for their life.

Fiction & Literature
July 11
Trafford Publishing

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