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Touch of Her: Lesbian Romance Collection is a box set of 3 sensual lesbian romance books from F/F fiction favorites Donata Love, Celeste Fox, and Colleen Cooper.

These three F/F lesbian romance books follow along with three couples who discover new things about themselves, find joy and love, conclude with happy endings, with plenty of steam along the way.

Touch of Her: Lesbian Romance Collection contains the books Smell of Her, Covet: This Lesbian Love, and Two Days.
Smell of Her
I knew it was a mistake… to tell her.
To tell her I loved her.
We were just friends with benefits. She didn’t have those feelings for me.
To her, beautiful, stunning, sexy Alicia, we were just fooling around.
But I told her anyway.
I don’t know why I did. I knew I’d get hurt.
I knew she couldn’t possibly be in love with me, too.
There are two rules: Never fall for a straight girl, and never fall for your friend.
I’d broken rule number two. Serves me right.
I walked out of her room biting back the tears, thinking how foolish I was.
Until I heard her call my name.
And then something amazing happened…
She told me she loved me, too.
Covet: This Lesbian Love
I was sent to spy on her…
Hired by her ex-husband to watch her, to build a case against her.
My job was to make sure she didn’t see a penny of his money.
I’d get dirt on her. Watch her.
…Covet her.
I never expected that she’d be so gorgeous.
I never expected to find myself salivating at the thought of touching her…
Caressing her…
Tasting her.
And I certainly never expected her to catch me.
I thought I was done for.
Busted, my cover blown.
But then she asked me to have a drink with her…
…and told me that she had been coveting me.
It’s funny how things work out, isn’t it?
You just never know where you’re going to fall in love.
Two Days
What is there to celebrate when you’re stuck in a rut in both love and life?
But as Lindsey contemplates her life, a confused woman who thinks she should desire men, but doesn't, a beautiful beacon lights the way in the night.
Her name is Melina, and she’s a gorgeous German model in town for only two days.
And, for some reason, Lindsey can't stop staring at her. A chance encounter turns to conversation, and Lindsey is enraptured.
Two days is all she has to get to know Melina.
Two days is all she has to figure out what this new yearning is she's feeling for Melina.
Questions burn in Lindsey's scrambled mind...
Why is she turned on by this admittedly sexy-as-sin woman?
Why does her stomach tighten at the sight of her?
And is it possible to find out you’re actually a lesbian, *and* fall in love with a woman...
...in just Two Days?

July 15
Donata Love
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