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"Transfer Your Photo to Canvas: An Easy to Follow Step-by-Step Guide for Novice Artists" is written by Marneen L. Fields, with cover design by John Harrison. It's a great and really fun illustration technique for your design projects. The way Marneen has showcased the steps with photos teaches novice artists how to learn to draw quickly and professionally by hand. The finished piece of artwork will look like the aspiring artist has spent years with their pencil practicing sketching.

This book came about after my love for this technique inspired me to recreate it and modernize it for the public at large. My original title was, "Transferring your Photo to Canvas," and it was a short article with no photos. I received great comments on my blog after publishing it. My success with the article inspired me to expand upon the work and publish it and produce it in ebook form. As the CEO, executive producer, and creative director of Heavenly Waterfall Song Publishing and Productions I was inspired to showcase my idea using color photos and a layout like you see in print advertisement campaigns. In 2013 I ran a Los Angeles wide casting call via Casting Networks as I do for all of my music, film, and TV casting needs. I found beautiful actress/model Channel Marriott to play the role of the artist model in the production. At the time I had an office in the famous North Tower of the Warner Center in Woodland Hills, California so I rented one of their rooms to do the production in. I hired a make-up artist, a cameraman, and still photographer Scott E. Pettersen to shoot the photos and video of Chanel. I’m thrilled to bring this artistic ebook of my fun and creative technique in a step-by-step guide format before the world.

Showcasing the technique in this exclusive printing will make it much easier for people to learn how to transfer their favorite photos to canvas to create original works of art. What makes my technique unique is it also works when transferring your photo to other surfaces like clay, pottery, clothing, walls, or doors, etc. The sky is the limit. "Transfer Your Photo to Canvas" is a quick, drawing, tracing, rendering art technique designed for novice artists, children, mothers, young adults, or anyone that has a desire to draw and create something quickly using their favorite photos. To date, I’ve spent literally hundreds of hours practicing and perfecting the technique for all my illustration needs including creating storyboards for my script and music productions.

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December 9
Marneen L Fields
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