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Do you want to know what happens when you take your last breath on earth? Do you want to know the process of your transition to the other side? Do you want to know where you go and who you will see? Do you want to know the message Janie got from the Holy Trinity in 1544 for all humanity? This is a story that begins in 1957, upon her mother’s car accident and transition to the other side, but not before transferring her metaphysical gifts to her at five years old, which she kept a secret until now. She had physical and mental abuse from family members on herself and her two brothers. She was kidnapped by two convicts released from San Quentin at eighteen years old. She was groomed to be a servant by family members and called names to take away confidence from childhood through her adult years. She would always pray and have a relationship with God and Jesus, but she never got an answer until the Holy Trinity experience that night in 1544, and she became more gifted. She has experienced visits from the divine, master teachers, and earthbound ghosts. She fought the evil, dark side with red eyes many times. She has experiences with angels and guides, like Paramahansa Yogananda. She named the Korean war and World War 2 hero spirit that visited. She has seen relatives and friends that have passed. She has experiences with nonhuman entities and with the Mayan spirits since age eleven until now and is still progressing with metaphysical gifts. She has done healings and has all the clairs: clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and claircognizance. She reads quantum physics (the reading of color and light) and has many other gifts. There is no death, just transition. Don’t be afraid anymore. It is a natural process to graduate from the earth school. Janie

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