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Speechless Hero
Has it ever occurred to you that a single event can change your whole life; that a single incident can completely change your goals, desires and even your philosophy on life?
There are times when things happen to you completely unexpectedly. These events can lead your life in ways you would have never anticipated. They say everything happens for a reason. But is this true? Does everything that happens in this world happen for a reason?
Speechless Hero comes as a story, inspired by a true incident in which a young boy in his 16s faces a series of incidents following his encounters with a local gang. Daniel Clay, the young boy never thought he would become a writer until one day he realized that life is not weaved by us, but it is created and forced upon us right from the moment of birth. How a single event can change your view on life is quite attractively presented in this book, Speechless Hero. Daniel is not the only kid who has faced such situations. There are millions who face life-changing events in the day-to-day life. Daniel’s story is just one out of many, but his story is a special story. Following the encounter with the gang members he chooses to do things in his life that he had never thought of before. Through dropping out of school, writing poems and books and running away from school whenever there is opportunity, he reflects the life of a common child with various challenges in life. Instead of living the life just because you are alive, Daniel chooses to live the life of a young gentleman with a deeper understanding of aspects in life.
Author of Speechless Hero has used such a creative narrative style to help the reader effortlessly understand the simple language of the book. He has been successful in conveying the message in the book in one big picture as an interesting story with intrigue, compassion, hatred, love and a mixture of the most indefinite feelings
Speechless Hero can be recommended to both children and adults irrespective of their specific taste of literature. Author of the book presents the long story of different events in an interesting manner as an account of a period of his life. Meeting with the local gangsters and accepting their torments without retort is the central focus of the story in Speechless Hero.
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Fiction & Literature
May 12
Daniel Clay
Daniel Thiede

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