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Hungry for Nature and Authenticity?

So… Welcome to Canada, and be amazed by Ontario & Quebec provinces!

Do you want to marvel at breathtaking scenery and enjoy being part ot the whole picture? Do you love nature and animals?
Then do not hesitate: Canada is for you!
Our Travel eGuide will definitely prove it to you.
Discover at your own pace and browse by photos, places or hobbies

We have been traveling all around the world since our studenthood and have visited more than 45 countries so far. We love to find convenient and affordable travel solutions in order to maximize our touristic budget and discover hidden treasures during the journey, just like you! We are happy to offer you a free UDEMY COURSE included with our tips & tricks to travel free without ruining yourself.

Prepare and live your holidays… differently!

In this innovative Travel eGuide, a vitaminized additive to other tourist guides, we will share with you our passion for travel and our discoveries in Quebec & Ontario. Discover Nature in 4K format, modern and vivid cities, great people, national parks and immense forests. Amaze your senses all the way in this Travel eGuide with more than 150 photos, tips, tricks, real experiences from real people

So, if you do not know where to spend the next holidays, why not pay a visit for a few days to Canada? All its treasures are waiting for you!

With this responsive eGuide, use your smartphone or tablet without internet connection and browse throughout all the data, choosing one of the 3 intuitive methods available:

By location: use a “classical” geographical display with high-resolution maps
By photograph: pick-up one of the hundreds of photos and jump to the corresponding section
By affinity or passion: tap on one of the colored icons illustrating your interests during a trip and get a list of the matching locations!

What are you going to get from this Travel eGuide: Canada – Ontario & Quebec?

200+ pages of high quality content
150+ photos
22 touristic sections
20+ high-quality pre-downloaded maps
special for tight budget
tested and validated trip
A free UDEMY COURSE to learn our proven tips & tricks to Travel without ruining yourself

What other people say about this course (2000+ students):

« I felt like the course was a fantastic refresher! Even though I’ve traveled before, usually within the US, and some of the tips and lectures seemed common sense to me, it has inspired me to begin my research again and reinvigorate me to experience the world. Thank you. »James Stewart

« The course is very helpful & beneficial for new travelers who are interested in visiting new places in the world. I’ve enjoyed the organized sections & the detailed information. »Kamel Halabi

« very informative and knowledgeable on travel »Rudra Toulon

« This was an informative course with actionable information. »Sheryl M Malzkuhn

So, are you ready for ALL OF THIS?! Yes?
Buckle up and Bon voyage!

Cristina & Olivier Rebiere

Travel & Adventure
May 10
Cristina & Olivier Rebiere
PublishDrive Inc.

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