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Midshipman William Grace, sole survivor of the genocide on the colony Farshore, is shipwrecked and stranded with a handful of surviving marines and soldiers. The good news, they’re alive. The bad news is that they face the frigid climate, betrayal, a harrowing ocean crossing, terror drones, and a mercenary force intent on holding the planet. But simply escaping isn’t enough; they must complete the mission and warn Earth of a coming invasion. The United Colonies are fracturing and this is the opening shots of a galactic civil war.

This is a full length 80,000 word novel. The first in the military science fiction series, A Star Too Far.

Interview with the Author

Q - What makes A Star Too Far special? 


When I started writing Trial by Ice I wrote a story I wanted to read. A story that combined survival in a daunting situation and ended it all with a starship battle. But most of all I wanted a great story that was just plain fun to write and mirrored the sort of fiction I enjoyed reading. I usually read military science fiction, space fleet stories, maybe an alien invasion, but also enjoy a good slog in a survival story, like Shackleton. I like to see protagonists who take the worst and struggle to come out on top. 

A Star Too Far was my chance to mix up a few genres, set a different tale where the hero isn’t a dashing space marine, but instead a young officer who’s struggling to find himself. While it’s definitely military science fiction it’s without a doubt a survival story melded in. Later on in the series the more traditional space fleet aspects come in, but through it all William Grace is struggling to lead men and women through the worst of it. 

Q - Why should I give this a read? 


It’s a series that keeps the action moving and you, the reader, engaged. Through it all you get to watch the characters evolve, change, win, and even lose. 

Q - Is the science realistic? 


The trick to writing good science fiction is to retain a basis in actual science. It doesn’t have to be exactly how we think the universe works, but it has to follow laws that are close. So while you may still find faster than light travel, you’ll also see Newtonian physics at work. Some engagements were simulated on a PC so that the timeframes would all mesh together. 

Q - What inspired you to write this series? 


Tales of survival. Shackleton, Perry, Mawson, along with stories of great naval battles like the Aubrey and Maturin series. And through it all shines inspiration from the Golden Age of scifi, Heinlein, Asimov, Clarke, and some of the great modern fiction like Old Man’s War by John Scalzi, Armor by John Steakley, and Forever War by Joe Haldeman. 

Q - What are the rest of the novels in the series? 

Trial by Ice 
Edge of Solace 
Edge of Redemption 

Q - What else have you written? 

Steel Breach - A story about a penal battalion, fifty second hand tanks, and a massive alien invasion. Think the Dirty Dozen with tanks. An Amazon Bestseller. 

DogForge - Dogs in power armor fighting aliens to secure their freedom. ‘Nuff said! 

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 13
Casey Calouette
Draft2Digital, LLC