Twenty-Nine Lives Twenty-Nine Lives

Twenty-Nine Lives

One Manís Twenty-Eight Brushes With Death

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This true narrative is an account of twenty-eight occasions during my life where I faced death. Each chapter chronicles a series of events in which I encountered near death situations, or was involved in something that could have easily led to my demise. After surviving each of these twenty-eight incidents, I felt as if I had been given another chance to live. Therefore, I have concluded that I must now be in my twenty-ninth life.

Many of these experiences occurred during excursions into some of the most remote locations on earth while studying endangered cultures and ethnic groups in an effort to collect as much information about them as possible. While studying those threatened peoples, I attempted to live as they did, often for months on end. Included in some of the chapters are pertinent historical, anthropological and sociological information.

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October 25
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Customer Reviews

Jerry Brown Retirement Planner ,

Twenty Nine Lives

it is remarkable to realize that all of these potentially life changing events have happened to one man. The fact that Tony Mayo is alive today, and able to continue his remarkable adventures, is due to his extreme self-determination and resolve. This book is like no other. I highly recommend it!

BrownMacbook ,

It was a most interesting read

Wow! Tony Mayo had some fascinating adventures! The extent of crises his body experienced, and survived, is amazing!

I must say I was a little saddened when I knew I was approaching the end of “Twenty-Nine Live”; I wanted to read more. But as Mr. Mayo said, "The adventure continues… "

Thank you Tony Mayo for sharing your story, and your knowledge and insights into places I will likely never see!

It was a most interesting read!

Acjgf ,

29 Lives

An amazing story about a man who, by all odds, should not still be here and doing so well! It is written in an easy to read form. Well. Done, tony. What's next?

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