Twisted Betrayal: A Single Mom and CEO Billionaire Romance Short Story

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Sarah bounced through the halls of her high school on her way to her locker to get her gym bag. She was so excited for the homecoming game she could barely contain herself. She and the rest of the cheerleading squad had been working for weeks now on their halftime routine. She grabbed her gym bag out of her locker and headed to the locker room to change. She walked in the locker room and found her girlfriends. Excited about the game they laughed and gossiped about the boys at school as they got ready.

"So what do you think about the Amanda Trey fiasco?" one of the girls, Helen asked the group.

"What I want to know is how Sarah plans on dealing with her Matt and Ryan fiasco," said her best friend since the third grade, Christine Clark.

"Oh yuck, I don't want to talk about that right now," Sarah said.

"Oh you mean you don't want to talk about you two most favorite people?" Christine teased her.

"Ugh, fine since you're making me. Basically they are horrible, always staring and gawking at me from the back of the science lab. They are such freaks. Matt is the worst and is always trying to find some excuse or reason to talk to me. He's been doing it so much that even and the other football players made some snide comment about him being my puppy dog. He even asked me to homecoming, with flowers!!!  Like I would even go with someone as nerdy as him. It's terrible! I can't stand him," Sarah told the girls. "But enough of that. It's game time. Let's get out there and cheer girls!" and the rest of the squad followed her out onto the field.  They cheered on the team as the game progressed. It came time for the halftime show and the girls took the center of the field and flawlessly performed their show. The home team wound up winning the game and that night Sarah got to make-out with her big crush Evan.

Geez those were the days she thought as she smiled to herself. She was so much younger and had so much more hope for her future back then. Dreaming that she would someday make it big as a fashion designer. She had wanted to go away to design school after her senior year of high school but wound up staying at the local community college so that she could stay close to her high school sweet heart. Even and Sarah had continued their relations past that first night of making out and dated all the through high school and into college. During their sophomore year of college he had asked her to marry him. Young and in love and very naive she said yes. Just knowing that he was perfect for her. Even though so many signs throughout the years had told her that he was no good.

It started in high school. The rumors that he was sleeping with other girls. One time she had even caught him kissing her friend Helen. That night had not ended well and she and Helen's friendship ended forever. But Evan did as most men do and begged and pleaded and promised that he would never do anything like that again and she had stupidly believed him. The truth was he did stuff like that all the time and continued abuse her trust in their relationship, sleeping with almost whomever he could get his hands on behind her back. Sarah was blind with love and enamored by his coolness and his good looks so she continued to play the fool unknowingly for years.

WARNING: This is a single mom and CEO billionaire Romance short story which contains some very steamy love scenes. It is only appropriate for mature readers age 18+.

November 19
Roxy Jordan
Draft2Digital, LLC

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