U cheated but I still won: rock solid advice from a victim of narcissism

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Infidelity and personality disorders such as narcissism, sociopathy and psychopathy go hand in hand. There are many clinical guides and text books written using hypothetical terms and pretend scenarios which speak in third person about relationships involving these disordered individuals. However, few of these books give you a first-hand accounting, accompanied by concrete examples of what a victim in one of these types of relationships goes through. 

This book takes you through the cheating, lying, manipulating, controlling, triangulation and blaming of others. It explains how and why it happens, why some people are more susceptible to it and what will happen when you try to get out of a relationship with one of these disordered individuals. It is a personal accounting of one woman's journey from the moment she discovers she is involved with a narcissist to dealing with the infidelity that ultimately always happens.   

Whereas most books on the market focus on repairing your relationship after infidelity, U Cheated but I Still Won takes a different approach. It is astraight forward, tough talking, no-nonsense self-help book that tells you how to save yourself rather than your relationship as you navigate the sh*t storm of infidelity. It offers a fresh, sympathetic voice, not from a therapist or psychchologist, but from someone who has been through it! 

It is snarky, sassy, witty and will make you laugh and cry at the same time. It offers real world, practical advice to those struggling with making sense of adultery and is a must read for anyone who has ever been cheated on and/or has dealt with a narcissist. Through a personal recounting of events, Dr. Laura Walker offers actual trueexamples of what cheaters do, why they cheat and how predictable they truly are. You will see yourself in her story!  

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June 2
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