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Title 12 of the United States Code outlines the role of Banks and Banking in the United States Code. Hyper-linked and completely searchable with revisions for your convenience. Our eBooks boast features no other law references can match.  We offer a full table of contents of all sections, hierarchical rich Kindle table of contents for browsing by chapter (joystick support), section by section browsing and a section by section appendix.  Search the full text of all sections or search for a specific section.  Our books are tested to work on ALL Kindle and Kindle Reader platforms.

1: The Comptroller of the Currency

2: National Banks

3: Federal Reserve System

4: Taxation

5: Crimes And Offenses

6: Foreign Banking

6a: Export-Import Bank of the United States

7: Farm Credit Administration

7a: Agricultural Marketing

7b: Regional Agricultural Credit Corporations

8: Adjustment and Cancellation of Farm Loans

9: National Agricultural Credit Corporations

10: Local Agricultural-Credit Corporations, Livestock-Loan Companies and Like Organizations; Loans to Individuals to Aid in Formation or to Increase Capital Stock

11: Federal Home Loan Banks

11a: Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation

12: Savings Associations

13: National Housing

14: Federal Credit Unions

15: Federal Loan Agency

16: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

17: Bank Holding Companies

18: Bank Service Companies

19: Security Measures for Banks and Savings Associations

20: Credit Control

21: Financial Recordkeeping

22: Tying Arrangements

23: Farm Credit System

24: Federal Financing Bank

25: National Commission on Electronic Fund Transfers

26: Disposition of Abandoned Money Orders and Traveler's Checks

27: Real Estate Settlement Procedures

28: Emergency Mortgage Relief

29: Home Mortgage Disclosure

30: Community Reinvestment

31: National Consumer Cooperative Bank

32: Foreign Bank Participation in Domestic Markets

33: Depository institution Management Interlocks

34: Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council

34a: Appraisal Subcommittee of Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council

35: Right to Financial Privacy

36: Depository Institutions Deregulation and Financial Regulation Simplification

37: Solar Energy and Energy Conservation Bank

38: Multifamily Mortgage Foreclosure

38a: Single Family Mortgage Foreclosure

39: Alternative Mortgage Transactions

40: International Lending Supervision

41: Expedited Funds Availability

42: Low-Income Housing Preservation and Resident Homeownership

43: Actions Against Persons Committing Bank Fraud Crimes

44: Truth in Savings

45: Payment System Risk Reduction

46: Government Sponsored Enterprises

47: Community Development Banking

48: Financial Institutions Regulatory Improvement

49: Homeowners Protection

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