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As Federal agencies become increasingly reliant on technology solutions, cyberspace and its underlying infrastructure are essential tools for mission delivery. The government's digital infrastructure, however, is constantly under attacks from malicious actors whose capabilities are growing increasingly sophisticated. Recent breaches of sensitive government systems and the consequences of these breaches have made clear the need for us to reevaluate the Nation's approach to cybersecurity.
In safeguarding America's borders and promoting economic prosperity, U.S. Customs and Border Protection connects its employees to a secure cyberspace network containing sensitive, mission critical information. With CBP's expansion in technology and connectivity over the past 10 years, employees are able to more effectively carry out their duties. This increased connectivity only enhances our organization's effectiveness and the Nation's security if CBP adopts tough cybersecurity measures. Given the significant potential impacts of a cyber breach, cybersecurity must be a shared responsibility that is a top priority for all CBP employees. Everyone has a part to play in protecting CBP networks, systems, and the traveler and trade data that has been entrusted to us. While we have recently pulled together to achieve great gains in this area, there is still much work to do. The CBP Cybersecurity Strategy is intended to advance CBP's cybersecurity posture amid continued growth in connectivity by engaging all of CBP in achieving three strategic goals: * Protect the CBP mission by integrating cybersecurity into the organization; * Building a strong cybersecurity foundation and drive toward sustainable mission integrity; and * Develop and support a skilled workforce.

Executive Summary * Introduction * Cybersecurity Strategic Goals * Protect the CBP Mission and People by Integrating Cybersecurity into the Organization * Build a Strong Cybersecurity Foundation and Drive toward Sustainable Mission Integrity * Develop and Support a Skilled Workforce * Path Forward

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June 5
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