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Title 22 of the United States Code outlines the role of foreign relations and intercourse in the United States Code. Hyper-linked and completely searchable with revisions for your convenience. Our eBooks boast features no other law references can match.

1—Diplomatic and Consular Service Generally

2—Consular Courts

3—United States Court for China


5—Preservation of Friendly Foreign Relations Generally

6—Foreign Diplomatic and Consular Officers

7—International Bureaus, Congresses, Etc.

8—Foreign Service Buildings

9—Foreign Wars, War Materials, and Neutrality

10—Hemispheral Relations

11—Foreign Agents and Propaganda

12—Claims Commissions

13—Service Courts of Friendly Foreign Forces

14—Foreign Service

15—The Republic of the Philippines

16—Greek and Turkish Assistance

17—Relief Aid to War-Devastated Countries

18—United States Information and Educational Exchange Programs

19—Foreign Assistance Program

20—Mutual Defense Assistance Program

21—Settlement of International Claims

22—Mutual Security Assistance

23—Protection of Citizens Abroad

24—Mutual Security Program

25—Protection of Vessels on the High Seas and in Territorial Waters of Foreign Countries

26—Armed Forces Participation in International Amateur Sports Competitions

27—International Cultural Exchange And Trade Fair Participation

28—International Atomic Energy Agency Participation

29—Cultural, Technical, And Educational Centers

29a—Inter-American Cultural and Trade Center

30—International Cooperation in Health and Medical Research

31—International Travel

32—Foreign Assistance

33—Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Program

34—The Peace Corps

35—Arms Control and Disarmament

36—Migration and Refugee Assistance

37—Foreign Gifts and Decorations

38—Department of State

39—Arms Export Control

40—International Expositions

41—Study Commission Relating to Foreign Policy

42—International Economic Policy

43—International Broadcasting

44—Japan-United States Friendship

45—Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe

46—International Investment And Trade In Services Survey

47—Nuclear Non-Proliferation

48—Taiwan Relations

49—Support of Peace Treaty Between Egypt and Israel

50—Institute for Scientific and Technological Cooperation

51—Panama Canal

52—Foreign Service

53—Authorities Relating to the Regulation of Foreign Missions

54—Private Organization Assistance

55—Research and Training for Eastern Europe and Independent States of Former Soviet Union

56—United States Institute of Peace

57—United States Scholarship Program for Developing Countries

58—Diplomatic Security

59—Fascell Fellowship Program

60—Anti-Apartheid Program


62—International Financial Policy

63—Support for East European Democracy (SEED)

64—United States Response to Terrorism Affecting Americans Abroad

65—Control and Elimination of Chemical and Biological Weapons

66—United States-Hong Kong Policy

67—Freedom for Russia and Emerging Eurasian Democracies and Open Markets Support

68—Demilitarization of Former Soviet Union

68a—Cooperative Threat Reduction with States of Former Soviet Union

69—Cuban Democracy

69a—Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity (Libertad)

70—Mansfield Fellowship Program

71—United States International Broadcasting

72—Nuclear Proliferation Prevention

73—International Religious Freedom

74—Foreign Affairs Agencies Consolidation

75—Chemical Weapons Convention Implementation

76—Assistance to Countries With Large Populations Having HIV/AIDS

77—United States-China Relations

78—Trafficking Victims Protection

79—Trade Sanctions Reform and Export Enhancement

80—Diplomatic Telecommunications Service Program Office

81—International Criminal Court

82—Afghanistan Freedom

83—U.S. Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria

84—Millennium Challenge

85—North Korean Human Rights

86—Climate Change Technology Deployment in Developing Countries

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