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A fun, fact-filled, comprehensive overview of U.S. election history; this book is a compendium of presidential trivia and features more than 1200 multiple choice questions covering every U.S. presidential election from 1789 to the historic 2016 campaign (through August 2016).  

More than 50 questions of the 1200 are about 2016 including questions about the candidates, the controversies, the historic milestones, and the strategies that each campaign is using.   Which candidate has ties to the Scranton Lace Company?  Which candidate's grandfather was a saloon-keeper in the Yukon?  Which candidate is descended from Welsh coal miners?  Which candidate is descended from Scottish farmers?  What states will hold the keys to victory in 2016?

For the elections from 2012 all the way back to 1789 there are questions about the candidates, the political parties, the issues, and the results of each election.  See which prior elections most resemble 2016 and which ones are radically different.

There are also a handful of questions about voting for president in America.  Who could vote in 1789?  When did former slaves get the right to vote?  When did women get the right to vote?

This book covers well-known facts as well as obscure ones.  Which president was elected to the most terms?  Which presidents have won over 500 votes in the Electoral College in a single election?  Which election was so even than no state was won by more than 15,000 votes?  Which state has not been won by the Republican candidate since 1972?  Which states have not been won by the Democratic candidate since 1964?  Which year did it take over 100 ballots at the convention for a candidate to secure the nomination?

Buy this book and challenge your friends to a trivia question contest and see who knows the most about U.S. presidential elections.  Buy this book and surprise your friends at the election night party with how much you know about U.S. presidential election history.  This book is not connected with any campaign and tries hard to be fair to all past and present candidates for president.

The book alternates between questions and answers.  It is designed to be viewed a single page at a time.

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September 6
Jonathan Ozanne
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