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The second novel in the dark and chilling “Jewels Trust M.U.R.D.E.R.” series.

Desperation. Obsession. Premeditated Murder.

Jewels marries her herculean hero, but at least one deviant has explosive plans to ensure the sexy rich woman and legendary lawman do not live happily ever after…

Known around town as the creepy Scarecrow Man, Marty is desperate. Life dealt him a losing hand. He’s broke. Unemployment benefits ended weeks ago. His house is in foreclosure. He has mouths to feed. His wife is on her deathbed. And he hasn’t had good old fashioned sex for nearly two years.

Newspaper images of a beautiful rich woman captured his attention months ago. He’s become fixated on Jewels. She represents everything he is not. Good looking. Influential. Famous. Wealthy. Sexy. Adored by the public ... the list is painfully long. And for that, he hates her.

To the rescue Butch, Marty’s “alter ego.” Money will solve all of Marty’s problems. Butch concocts the perfect plan to get it: Make pipe bombs. Hold Jewels hostage in her home. Savagely restrain and gag her. Torture the pretty woman at will and stream it live from inside the house.

Jewels’ feisty personality, disobedience to her captor, and failed escape attempts escalates Marty’s (and Butch’s) insanity and increases the danger of bombs exploding.

Will Jewels survive the explosive intentions of this desperate family man driven to madness? The answer may depend on the price her hunky law enforcement husband is willing to pay to rescue her.

Download “Ultimate Trust” today to continue your journey through the dark and chilling “Jewels Trust M.U.R.D.E.R” series.


Like her first novel, Spain creates believable situations (what she calls “plausible realism) where Marty shows the extremes to which people can be driven ... if desperate enough. The twists and turns do not disappoint just as Jewels, a refreshingly strong female character, does not disappoint the reader as she uses her wits to save herself and another. Her “bad guys” are as memorable as the good guys ... Marshall, Warren, Gunnar! A great read! —MisterMagoo

Another hair-raising life and death adventure with Jewels that’s pure entertainment. —B.C. Jordan

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May 23
Shirley Spain
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