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Experience all the feels in this unforgettable second-chance standalone romance from number-one New York Times best-seller Lauren Blakely!

I didn't break her heart, and she didn't break mine - we broke each other's. 

I never stopped loving her, but time and distance played its cruel role in ripping us apart three years ago when she moved halfway around the world. Now after all those endless miles away, she's returned...but I'm not the guy I was before. 

Beautiful, kind, and loving, she's the same - my hope. The only one who can make a day better, who can make me feel again with one kiss, one touch, one night. 

There's so much I have to put back in place now that I'm alone and on my own. Things I never wanted at the age of 25. When I receive an unexpected letter that might hold the clues to everything I desperately need to understand about my family, I'm sure I have to follow it. But that means leaving her once more. 

She says she'll come with me, and having her by my side will unbreak my heart...or destroy it. 

That's the chance I have to take. 

August 13
Lauren Blakely Books
Lauren Blakely Books

Customer Reviews

Shelley Lee ,

Emotional heart

This story is so much more than “just” a romance novel. It delves into the troubling and uncomfortable levels of grief. Taking place in California and Japan, Andrew travels more than just across the ocean but a distance in finding himself, Holland, and happiness again.

Sandy Sch ,

4.5 stars-raw, inspirtational, heart breaking

4.5 stars--UNBREAK MY HEART by Lauren Blakely is a stand alone, contemporary, adult romance story line focusing on twenty-five year old, best friends and former lovers practical nurse Holland St. James, and attorney Andrew Peterson in the aftermath of a tragedy that has affected them all.

Told from dual first person points of view (Holland and Andrew) UNBREAK MY HEART focuses on personal, spiritual and emotional healing. Three years earlier, childhood friends Holland St. James, and Andrew Peterson fell in love but graduate school found Holland in Japan, and Andrew entering law school wherein our couple went their separate ways until a family tragedy brings them together, once again. When Holland accepts a permanent position overseas, Andrew struggles with losing the woman with whom he is still in love. What ensues is the rebuilding romance between Andrew and Holland, as Andrew embarks on an emotional journey in an attempt to understand all that has happened and why.

UNBREAK MY HEART is a story of grief and acceptance; of tragedy and loss; of relationships, family and love. The premise is raw, inspirational and heart breaking: the romance is subtle and understated; the characters are sympathetic and determined. Lauren Blakely takes the reader on Andrew’s journey, such that we are one with the hero as he discovers there is life after death, and everything in between.

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