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Unbridled: Lesbian Romance Collection is a bundle of 3 sensual F/F lesbian romance books from lesbian romance authors Celeste Fox, Colleen Cooper, and Donata Love.

If you’re searching for lesbian love stories that are heartwarming and passionate, sensitive and quaking, and that have happy endings, then this lesbian romance box set is for you.

Contained in this bundle are the following three books: Crave: This Lesbian Love, Rebound, and Taste of Her.
Crave: This Lesbian Love
The marriage failed. Maybe we never really loved each other.
Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. He went his way, I went mine.
Now, the children have left, and I find myself feeling lonely.
I find myself thinking to somebody I was once involved with…
A woman.
She was gorgeous, sexy as sin. We laughed together, kissed, made love day and night.
But… time moves on. So did we.
Now, though… I find myself wanting to meet her again. Wondering how she is. Wondering if time has been kinder to her than it has to me.
It’s silly, to dote on the possibility… the ‘what if’.
But what if we could rekindle that old flame again?
What if this could be a second chance?
Not just lust… not just fun.
A second chance at love?
I’m going to take that chance.
I need to take that chance.
Kate thought she had it all — a successful career, a gorgeous girlfriend, and a well-organized life… until she didn’t.
Debs breaks up with her, and she wants nothing more than to crawl under the covers and stay there.
But then Kate runs into Alex, and the woman simply steals her breath away.
She’s got legs to die for, is sexy as sin… and Kate finds herself altogether forgetting about her now ex-girlfriend.
One torrid night of steamy passion later, and Kate is left wondering if this new girl, Alex, is just a rebound, or if this is for real.
The day gets brighter when she’s around Alex. Her heart beats faster when she catches Alex’s eyes. And heat rushes to her center when she touches Alex’s lips.
Could it be that this is more than just a rebound fling?
And will their relationship survive Deb’s returning into the fold and wreaking havoc?
Taste of Her
After years of an unhappy marriage, stressed out Vicky Andrews was widowed before she could finalize the divorce.
With too much happening all at once, she decides to go on a vacation with some friends, and friends of friends.
It was supposed to be some time away from it all... to relax and reflect. To look upon her life, now, and figure out what she wanted.
But what she never expected was to see the stunning, young Rachelle stumble through the door. The beautiful brunette stole Vicky's breath away, and she found herself immediately transfixed by the bubbly youth.
Vicky had always known she could be attracted to women... but this, this was something else.
Her attraction to Rachelle was so strong it left her a confused mess.
What was happening to her? And why now?
As she gets to know Rachelle better, Vicky comes to the startling realization that she might just be falling in love...

July 3
Celeste Fox
StreetLib Srl

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