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"UNCONSCIONABLE" by Dr. Carolyn LaDelle Bennett is a Patriot's View as Others See. The book shines light on the wrongheaded and immoral nature of US foreign relations policy and practice. Published by Xlibris and released at Rochester, N.Y. (PRWEB) August 29, 2014: "Acts committed by and/or in the name of one's homeland must be of concern to inhabitants of that land it is their duty to be concerned and engaged," Dr. Carolyn LaDelle Bennett says in expressing the relevance of her work.

"UNCONSCIONABLE" lays out a view of what is and what should be, what is wrong and what is better. In six map-illustrated chapters, this work of nonfiction documents U.S. foreign relations as global, unprovoked and unchecked violence. As it is also a hope for change, the work not only comments on significance and repercussions of the current state of affairs, it offers corrective measures. As the work of a veteran educator, its ending sections further instruct with reference tools of extensive sources and notes, appendices and index covering contributors and background material, international principles and conventions; and components of the great body to which the book is dedicated, the 193-member-states United Nations.

Dr. Bennett takes a world view as articulated by others in independent, alternative print and broadcast sources, offering especially American readers an unfiltered, oft unseen perspective on how the rest of the world sees U.S. relations with the world's peoples. The hope Bennett ventures is that "if we (Americans) see ourselves as others see us, we will be moved to change our ways for the better."


By Dr. Carolyn LaDelle Bennett
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 306 pages | ISBN 9781499043143
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 306 pages | ISBN 9781499043150
E-Book | 306 pages | ISBN 9781499043136
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Dr. Carolyn L. Bennett is credentialed in education and print journalism and public affairs. A lifelong American writer and writer/activist, her work concerns itself with news and current affairs, historical contexts and ideas particularly related to acts and consequences of US foreign relations; matters of geopolitics, human rights, war and peace, violence and nonviolence.

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