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Doctor Henry Blythe has moved from Edinburgh to Perth after a heartbreaking and shamefully divorce. He has vowed never remarry or fall in love again with a woman. However that was before he met Anne, a strange and mud-stained girl with long entangled blond hair. Who is she, what is she, and will she manage to claim both his heart and body again?

An extract from the story:
Their love-making was neither slow, nor gentle, but an act of burning need and desire. Henry embraced her and she could feel his craving and hardness against her, which had a most arousing effect. He cradled her naked bottom and kissed her deeply, exploring her with his tongue. She smelled and tasted like the woods, wild and untamed. She licked his ear and then bit down on the earlobe in excitement, which made him moan both in delight and in mild pain.

Werewolves, accident, Scotland, semi-rough lovemaking, full moon.

About the author:
Lady T. L. Jennings is a secretive writer who loves the Victorian era, afternoon tea, and small obedient dogs. She lives in Oxfordshire, England, and writes Victorian erotica and romance short stories with a dash of gothic mystique, usually after midnight and by candle light. She collects corsets, lovers, and books.

"I loved this! Descriptive, sensual and a very pleasant read. I enjoyed it very much."

"...It's a lovely story..."

Rated four stars by reader's reviews.

On the Top 100 list of Regency Erotica (Amazon US)
Category: Victorian Romance and Erotica
Format: Kindle eBook
Written and published: 2011
Length: Afternoon Delight (~5500 words)
Publisher: My Secret Quill

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July 19
Lady T.L. Jennings
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