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"Understanding Anesthesia: A Learner's Guide" is an interactive text, introducing the reader to the exciting specialty of Anesthesia. It is designed for medical students, junior anesthesia residents, or residents in other programs who require anesthesia training.  

Six chapters in length, "Understanding Anesthesia: A Learner's Guide" is a readable, accessible textbook, designed to be manageable over the course over a short clinical rotation. The text is enhanced with many color figures in addition to interactive figures, slideshows, videos and review quizzes. A comprehensive glossary of terms and study cards are also included to deepen the learner's experience.

"Understanding Anesthesia: A Learner's Guide" was created by McMaster University's Karen Raymer, Richard Kolesar and Eric E. Brown.  Please visit us at:

Here, you will find a video-free version of the e-book (ISBN 9780991893225), available for download for those with space constraints. A pdf version of the text is also available for download. In addition, the videos, slideshows and review quizzes are available on the website for viewing.

A paper version of the book, entitled "Understanding Anesthesia: A Learner's Handbook" (ISBN 9780991893218) is available for order through Titles Bookstore at McMaster University (

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January 8
Karen Raymer
Karen Raymer

Customer Reviews

Migresch ,

Superb Work!

This book is amazing! I have incorporated it into all my curricula: med students, RNs, AAs, junior anesthesia residents, family practice residents, and ACPs.
Well done!

GBS M.D. ,

Excellent resource

A tremendous resource that manages to provide relevant and current information without being overly detailed. Very good imbedded video and simple, intuitive navigation. Highly recommended.

Gas powered ,


This book is the ultimate resource for anyone who is learning how to deliver anesthetics. It is incredible that it is free. Mandatory reading for any medical student or junior resident who will be taking care of these patients no matter what side of the curtain they are on.