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You will never understand who you are until you realize who God is and what it means to be a Christian today.

Discover in Understanding Who You Are what your life can look like when you realize the fullness of what it means to follow Jesus. Christianity is not just about information but action, it isn't just about reading scriptures but bringing them to life right now.

The world is much different than it was two thousand years ago, but there remains eternal truths which can still reshape our lives, truths which are becoming all the more forgotten.

When you understand who you are and what the Bible is declaring, you can live as Jesus intended. You are called to have an impact on this world and see it changed for the better  by the power of  the cross.

"In recommending a book, I am really recommending a person. Cameron Conway is well read and theology is more than an academic discipline, it is a way of life for him. "Understanding Who You Are" provides a high level view of what we need to know about God. You will enjoy Cam's insights and his wit. Enjoy!" - Tom Gardner (Pastor Sunshine Hills Church, Delta, B.C. & director of Leadership Education And Development for the Foursquare Gospel Church of Canada)

Cameron D. Conway B.TH (Highest Honors, Pacific Life Bible College) has dedicated his life to help Christians pursue Christ and find their purpose. Conway Christian Resources exists to help believers Discover their purpose, Build the Kingdom and Support the next generation.

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September 25
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