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New York Times bestselling author Brenda Novak returns to Silver Springs, where no past mistake is so big the heart can’t find a way to fix it.

Jada Brooks couldn’t have known how her life would change when she fell for bad boy Maddox Richardson back in high school. She couldn’t have known his troubled brother would leave hers forever crippled. Or that she’d be forced to shun Maddox completely—only to discover she was carrying his child.

Although Maddox was devastated by the events that transpired that fateful night, losing Jada was the worst of it. He’s back in Silver Springs, ready to make amends and provide the kind of youth outreach that once saved him. If he’d known Jada was in town, too, he would never have come.

Jada has returned to Silver Springs to be with family after her father’s death. But when she sees Maddox, every tough decision she’s made concerning their now twelve-year-old daughter begins to haunt her. Falling for him again is so tempting, but not only does she stand to alienate her family—if he finds out about Maya, she could lose what matters most.

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February 26
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Terry Louise ,

5 Stars ... this story will break your heart!

When Jada and Maddox were teenagers they were madly in love, but that all came to an abrupt end one fateful night. Thirteen years later, Jada is back home in Silver Springs with her daughter to help her mother and crippled brother after the death of her father. She never dreamed she'd run into Maddox again ... let alone in Silver Springs. For the past 13 years Maddox has regretted taking Jada and her brother Atticus to that party because it not only forever changed his life, but also the lives of those he loved. Now he's back in Silver Springs to help the only woman who believed in him back then - Aiyana, the owner of New Horizons. The only reason he agreed to come was when Aiyana assured him that Jada still lived in LA ... so when he sees her in town, he's second guessing this move. But Jada and Maddox still burn for each other and it doesn't take long for them to realize that.

This book put me through an emotional wringer ... actually most of Ms. Novak's books do. I laughed, cried and got mad ... and these characters won't leave my head for quite some time. Not only did I love Jada and Maddox, there was Maya (their daughter), Atticus (Jada's brother) and Tobias (Maddox's brother). But Jada's mom ... well I just wanted to give her a swift kick and say "they were kids and she's your daughter". That's the sign of a good book when you want to throw it across the room.

I received an early copy courtesy of Harlequin - Mira through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.

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