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The United States Human Expedition if adopted by the government, would become a non-combative branch of service that would evolve into a functional check and balance upon money. It would be implemented domestically until established and proven effective against poverty, criminal and substance abuse statistics. This publication covers the need to separate corporation from state. Corporations were never meant to have rights or government influence.

With the government engaged in markets possessing goods of essential necessity, it actually has the chance to regulate the system with resources instead of pretending like it does with money. The U.S. Human Expedition will cost far less for what we spend on Social Security and end up replacing it over time because people will have their needs met. Money will become luxury based once we eliminate poverty mechanics. Our government wastes billions on subsidies to landowners to do nothing with their land. We have no need to pay corporations subsidies while they pay employees so low that employees also need food stamps to survive while they break profit records. All that being paid for with our tax money with no sign of relief for many of our people in need. There is no legitimate reason for corporations to have special rights while some of our people still fight for equal rights.

The concept explained in this eBook supports a move on petition to the President and Congress of the United States calling for the formation of the United States Human Expedition to assist in reducing monetary leverage over human need.

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September 11
Timothy Rodgers
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