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It's not unusual for John Cardinal to be hauled out of a warm bed on a cold night in Algonquin Bay to investigate a murder. And at first this dead body, sprawled in the parking lot of Motel 17, looks pretty run of the mill: the corpse has a big bootprint on his neck, and the likely suspect is his lover's outraged husband. But the lover has gone missing. And then Delorme, following a hunch, locates another missing woman, a senator's wife from Ottawa, frozen in the ruins of an abandoned hotel way back in the woods. Spookily, she was chained up and abandoned wearing a new winter parka and boots, with a thermos beside her--as if her murderer was giving her a whisper of a chance at survival.

Neither Delorme nor Cardinal can imagine where their investigation will lead: into a decades-old injustice committed in the high Arctic; into the swingers' world inhabited by an ex-rock star who owns a pub in Algonquin Bay as well as private members' clubs in Toronto and Ottawa; into the insecurity that afflicts Delorme the woman and the cop; and into the deep bond between Delorme and Cardinal, which is at real risk of coming undone.

In Until the Night, Giles Blunt outdoes himself, creating a masterpiece of crime fiction that will not only haunt his fans and readers, but delight and amaze them too.

Mysteries & Thrillers
August 7
Random House of Canada
Penguin Random House Canada

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BearNous ,


As a civilian of the North Bay Police and long time citizen of the city, I thoroughly enjoy this series and references that I can literally visualize as I read. I am not a big time reader, but when I pick up a book from this series I can't stop reading it. I anxiously await the next novel regarding Cardinal & the Algonquin Bay Police!

bbp+ ,

Not his best

Not Blunt's best by any means. Too many subplots were distracting and meandering. Like forcing all the research in even if it did not fit or flow. Cardinal and Delorme are complex and meaty enough to carry a story. His other books stand miles above.

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