Use Magick to Save Humanity

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Use Magick to Save Humanity is an occult manual that teaches the craft of Magick with an emphasis on using it to save human lives. It is really sad that suicide has become a common things these days. According to statistics, about 800,000 people die every year by suicide, which is one life taken in just about 40 seconds — and the number of suicides is still continuously increasing. Indeed, magicians and witches may stand idly before the matters and business of this material world, but beings of the light would not stand idly when life is being trampled underfoot. As a true practitioner of the Craft of the Wise, we respect human life knowing that it is a gift from the Divine Source of All Things. 

Use Magick to Save Humanity lays down essential magical principles, as well as practical magical exercises that will help you learn the craft of magic and be able to apply it in your everyday life in a way that will encourage and promote life. In this crazy and cruel world, you can learn to save yourself and others. Magick can help you do this, but you need to learn, realize, and practice the techniques. It is worth noting that even in ancient times, a good part of magick was used for preservation of self, as well as the tribe. In a way, humans simply have that nature to destroy others and make other people suffer. Of course, as a magical practitioner who is expected to have a higher level of spirituality than the layman, you ought to walk on the path of love all the time. Not all people are evil, but there are many whose minds have been corrupted by society — and worse, they do not even notice it. 

In order to protect yourself and others from the corruption of this modern world, you must have the right mindset — the so-called magical mindset, which is the optimum mindset for magical work. The way to achieve this is by acquiring and realizing right knowledge and engaging in the right magical practice. 

If you think that you are ready for real magical initiation and practice, then let me welcome you into this craft of magick where true power is at your fingertips, and where you can have the wisdom and power to free yourself and others from slavery. Be a true witch and be free. 

Health, Mind & Body
July 7
Casey White
Draft2Digital, LLC

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