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The Book ‘Vairagya Sandipani’, as the title suggests, tells us the spiritual path by which one can ignite the virtues of renunciation, detachment and dispassion in one’s heart. ‘Vairagya’ means renunciation and detachment, and ‘Sandipani’ means the measure or means that motivates a person to do so, a method by which one is inspired to distance one’s self from all things that seem to give happiness but actually don’t do so.

The Book suggests that this feeling of inner-born Vairagya is ignited when one follows the advice given by true saints and self-realised souls, and follows the path shown by them. It implies that such saints and pious souls themselves lead an exemplarily spiritually holistic way of life, and have attained lasting peace, bliss, joy and happiness so much so that by merely observing them closely one becomes naturally inclined to follow in their footsteps—for who does not want peace and happiness for one’s own self.

Generally speaking, Vairagya pertains to developing a profound sense of detachment from everything that is deluding, and relates especially to this gross world of false charms and material objects which never gives abiding peace. The reward of following this path of Vairagya is a simultaneous attainment of peace and bliss alongside progress in one’s spiritual path that incorporates the virtues of devotion for the Lord God, love for Him, submission to Him, and reliance upon Him for one’s welfare and well-being, both in temporal terms as well as in spiritual terms.

            So therefore, in this Book the following points are stressed: (i) First to have sincere and steady devotion for Lord God, and (ii) Seeking company of true saints because they are living examples of the eclectic spiritual benefits derived from renunciation of the world and its material charms.

            In the process we learn about some of the great qualities and noble characters of truly saintly people, and as the Book prescribes, if we inculcate these virtues in ourselves and practice them in our daily lives we would find that nectar of eternal joy and abiding internal peace that otherwise eludes us.

Religion & Spirituality
April 23
Ajai Kumar Chhawchharia
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