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Cheryl likes no frills sex, but her husband wants more. When he proposes they try something new in the bedroom, they end up getting into a fight that prevents them having sex for a long time. Determined to rescue her marriage, she picks up a copy of the latest erotic bestseller. In the end, she learns a valuable lesson about the kind of pleasure she likes: even plain vanilla sex can be hot!

This 3400 word work of erotic fiction features an encounter between a married woman and a single womanizer, first time oral sex between a married husband and wife, and straight sex. It is intended for mature audiences only.


Ted greeted her at the door with a fresh bouquet of roses. He was smiling nervously. As she took the flowers, she could tell from the bulge in his khakis that he had a massive erection.

“Here, I, uh, got these for you.” he said, sheepishly.

“Um, is that for me, as well?” Cheryl pointed to his crotch and could not help but let her lips form a hint of a smile.

“Uh, well...” her husband took his hands and placed them in front of his crotch. He was blushing, and she found it adorable.

“You don’t have to hide it,” she reassured him. “I want you to show me how excited you are.” She bit her lip and looked around nervously, hoping she would not lose her nerve. “I want you to show it to me!” she added with genuine enthusiasm.

Ted unzipped his pants, and undid his belt buckle. He did not give her the show she wanted right away. Instead, he put his hands on her hips and leaned down to kiss her. He let his hands explore her body, touching the ticklish parts of her tummy, and the firm, yet sensitive flesh of her breasts.

Cheryl used her hands to explore his body, in kind. She caressed his strong shoulder muscles. Her knees grew weak from the power of his kiss. When she could stand it no more, she let her hands plunge down the open front of his pants. She wrapped her delicate fingers around his firm manhood, increasing her desire for the ****ing she so desperately needed.

Fiction & Literature
February 18
Regina Alyx
Draft2Digital, LLC

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