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Since the first day I woke up on this forsaken rock, I've heard voices. Not just occassionally, either. The voices were constant and overwhelming to the point sometimes the sheer pressure inside my brain would make me blackout—until today.

Ten years ago I woke up inside of what I assume was some sort of a stasis pod, but I really have no idea because all my memories of life before Earth are gone. I don't know who I am, other than the identity I stole in an attempt to blend in with the humans and not be discovered as an alien walking amongst them, and no clue where I came from, or how I ended up here.

The only thing I know without a doubt is that the voices in my head never stopped screaming at me, until I literally ran into a beautiful stranger at the local coffee shop today. After helping her up from where she lay sprawled out on the floor and back onto her feet, the voices stopped.

Now, all I hear are faint whispers of a woman I desperately want to know more about. The connection isn't strong enough to tell me who she is, or what she does, or show me any clue how to find her, which means my sole focus right now is strengthening our connection.

I have to find her again. She may hold all of the answers I've been searching for my entire human life.

Vertigo is the first book in the brand new science fiction alien exile romance series, Exiles of Aurora.

October 18
Granolith Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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