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Everywhere you look, people are using digital cameras or smart phones to grab quick video snippets to share with friends or post on social media. It’s never been easier to record a few seconds of footage, then upload it or send it off for others to see. But why settle for short scenes or single clips? Become a storyteller. Shoot more material and package some of your best shots together into a minute or two of really engaging content.

These days, making good video isn’t about having the best and most expensive equipment. Nor is it about the absolute quality of the footage. Instead, it’s more about being creative, preserving memories and learning how to tell a story well. With some well chosen shots, a few software editing tools and a dash of creativity, anyone can easily recapture their travels or life experiences in an elegant way.

Whether you’re new to home video or already have some experience, you’ll learn some easy methods to take your videography to the next level. Through screenshots, photo galleries, and video examples, you’ll get the how-to of shooting, editing, and fine tuning videos that bring your travel adventures or special occasions to life. Just grab your camera or smart phone, follow some simple story ideas and unleash your inner Spielberg.

Video To Go is a multimedia ebook created in iBooks Author. Chapters include -

1. Shooting: Eight sections on tips, techniques and best practices. Includes many example videos.

2. Editing: 13 sections on creative aspects of editing. A step by step approach to building sequences and adding finishing touches. Includes many example videos.

3. Special Projects: Eight sections, with a discussion of Trailers, still frames, multicam, green-screen, etc.

4. Sharing: A look at YouTube, analytics and royalty free music.

5. Equipment: A review of some cameras, lens kits and accessories.

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Computers & Internet
October 11
Magic 22
Wally Cherwinski

Customer Reviews

BC Garden Lover ,

Excellent tips

This book is an excellent source for people like me who have an interests in videos but no experience in producing them.
There are excellent tips with clear and concise explanations.
It’s pretty complete and a good reference book for an amateur like me.