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Stuck in a frozen wilderness, Beast King Thorgrim and his Second in Command, Edgar, have little to do except each other and Thorgrim's new slave, Atli. The cold necessitates Thorgrim staying half-way between human and dog, needing his warm fur coat even in the depths of passion.

All three men have secrets, and it would not, should not matter--except that the secrets they're keeping could cause a war.

Warning: The third installment in the Beast King's Slave series, this 15000 word story contains scenes of magical shapeshifting Vikings, knotting, penis sheath f*****g, c*m-play, c*m inflation, extreme penetration, size kink, M/M/M threesomes and enormous cocks. It is only for adults.


"Are you ready?" Thorgrim asked, his tongue flicking along Atli's neck, too-long teeth nibbling.

"Do I have a choice?" Atli asked, his words muffled by Edgar's skin. He impaled himself to the hilt on Thorgrim's cock when Thorgrim hesitated, curling his fingers against the wet, melting ice.

A thoughtful silence met him, lasting almost too long before Thorgrim answered, "No. You don't." He sank his teeth into Atli's shoulder, bent almost in two to reach, jaws tightening until Atli worried that the skin would be pierced, hoped that he would be marked.

The first jet of c*m was the hottest, washing deep inside Atli and warming him from the inside out. Thorgrim was so much warmer than Edgar had been, so much larger. Thorgrim's knot throbbed as it began to expand inside him, locking their bodies together. "Then yes," Atli hissed, his cock aching to be touched.

Edgar laughed, lowly, and his free hand came down to circle Atli's cock. His palm was hot, slick with c*m, and a tight hole to f**k if Atli could manage to move. "Stuck, are you?" he asked, tweaking Atli's nipple again.

Atli groaned in frustration, trembling as he withstood the urge to beg. A wet and liquid heat spread inside him with every pulse of Thorgrim's seed, filling him as thoroughly as his cock did. It contrasted sharply with the cold drafts that rose off of Edgar, the licks of ice that made his skin prickle.

Thorgrim was twice the size of Edgar, his knot so big that Atli felt like he was going to rip in half, and he was still growing. Atli couldn't get free even if he tried, the ball at the base of Thorgrim's cock too big to fit through the far tighter ring of muscle at Atli's entrance.

Fiction & Literature
August 13
Winter Lily Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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