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As Charlotte discovers the physical joys of being with her new loves Silas and Elden, darker times loom ahead for the land of Ma’iap. The evil queen Usha has kidnapped the last remaining Blessed Lupa Fae, and only Charlotte has the skills to defeat her. But can she really give up her new life for a race of creatures she's only just met? Especially when her body is awakening so deliciously with Elden and Silas' love?

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

Charlotte moved across the room and Silas followed her. He stood closely behind her, his breath warm against her neck.

“Let me touch you, Charlotte. I haven’t felt whole since you left.”

“I only left this morning,” she pointed out.
“A lifetime ago.”

Charlotte melted, she lost all resolve as she turned around and fell into Silas’ warm body. His lips were hard and rough against her mouth and Charlotte slipped into their strangely familiar groove, kissing him back hungrily as she clawed at his clothes. Silas grunted as he pushed her against the windowsill and roughly shoved her dress aside.

Charlotte gasped, and she dug her fingers into Silas’ ass, pulling him against her body. Silas’ hands were running along her thighs, leaving goose bumps in their wake. He brought his hot mouth against her inner thigh, he nibbled her skin roughly, making her cry out with the pleasure and pain of it. Charlotte tugged on his hair.

“So wet,” he growled, “I’m not going to be able to wait, Charlotte.”

At his words, Charlotte felt him harden against her body, and she spread her legs further, welcoming Silas into her, beckoning him to enter her.

Charlotte screamed into his neck. Thrusting quickly, he took her with all his strength, and Charlotte blissfully remembered the way he possessed her body.

Fiction & Literature
January 25
Bree Bellucci
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