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This triple play of erotica stories features virginity and innocence lost under questionable circumstances through the dubious designs of devious men. The three cherry popping stories from the files of best selling erotica writer K.B. Stevens, are: Hypnotized & Used for Sex, Erotic Secrets of Hidden Atlantis, and Ugly Girls Need Sex Too! Over 25,000 words of dirty "V" card shredding sex! Features: rough virgin defloration, dubious consent, squirting, spanking, sex toys, oral and anal pleasures, mind control sex, face sitting, voyeurism, public sex, tribbing, lesbian lust, group sex, reverse breeding, masturbation, smothering, hair pulling, foot fetishes, reluctant sex, and romance among other kinks.

Hypnotized & Used For Sex: Dillon plans to try out his hypnotism on his virginal girlfriend, but he's interrupted by her snobby, conceited, cock-blocking roommate Hannah. When Dillon unexpectedly finds himself alone with Hannah one night he decides a change of plans is in order, but what price will he pay when everything is said and done? This raunchy tale of dubious consent is not for the faint of heart!

Erotic Secrets of Hidden Atlantis: While crossing the Bermuda Triangle delivery boat captain Marcus Miller stumbles into grave danger in the form of a hidden utopia with an erotic secret. A secret that the inhabitants will protect at any cost.

Ugly Girls Need Sex Too!: When homely, unattractive Carol Peacock becomes the target of a cruel high school prank, a mysterious cute boy from her past saves her from the bullies...and her virginity! Carol gets the last laugh in this steamy erotic tale of transformation and payback.

Fiction & Literature
October 3
K.B. Stevens
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