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This is the successive part of the "Voice of Eternity - Ancient Sacred Knowledge Decoded - Part I" where we will derive the remaining portion of Ethereal laws. How these laws, as discovered in the previous book, dominate the life & times of every being on this planet? We will be dealing with the complex matters of Real Life Event Analysis, Spiritual World and also Inter-dimensional travel which means that the laws discovered by us in previous book, play an active role in the case of Inter-dimensional travel too. We'll be using these laws to decode the exact location of our creator in the Ethereal Universe and how to take our world back to its stable position. We'll also discuss some measures on how to reduce the pain & suffering in our life in a simplest way, without bowing your head at any Religious place. Few more difficult topics have been dealt efficiently.
In the previous book "Voice of Eternity - Ancient Sacred Knowledge Decoded - Part I", we had highlighted the least discussed scenario of our present civilization. We had also discussed using credible evidences, the metaphorical nature of various Religious books and how they had been falsely portrayed as literally true to the whole world. In other words, we had directly proved using solid evidences that there is no God and that we all have been nicely deceived by corrupt Religious Authority and that the mythological stories have hidden meanings, some of which were successively decoded and discussed in detail in the previous book. And also the surprising discovery of the laws of Ethereal Universe and the process with which they control our life was discussed in detail. Through these two books, till now, my research shows that what had been shown, in the Religious books, as mythological stories about God, were actually various ways to become God by awakening your sleeping powers (all Religions included) but were manipulated by corrupt priests. I hope to continue this effort to escape the Final World War! And the biggest advantage is that most of the Religious books are freely available on the internet!

Religion & Spirituality
December 12
Infinite Zero
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