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If you are reading this, you must have come upon it not by happenstance but by a predictable course of events that we call kismet or fate. You may be seeking answers that have not yet come your way, and perhaps they are within this book.
All too often many people cling to useless, outdated, ineffective codes of behavior that keep them chained to mediocrity or sameness which, is a life they believe to be their inheritance but, want to dream their way out of! They have no idea that they can in fact, dictate their way out of it and prescribe new possibilities and directions through a new state of mind.
The course of our lives is not static, not predetermined but, fluid, flexible. We can change our attitudes and consequently change our future. It’s being done all of the time by others who have figured this out. Despite feelings of entrapment there is a built-in resolution in all of us. An insight or intuition that can be cultivated and will bring new possibilities for the future. Uncertainty then is the enemy of success and the continuum becomes success or failure, both choices being ours to embrace. But too often people choose compliance. They decide to conform to the life they already know and avoid the unfamiliar. So, they choose the same behaviors while overlooking the possibilities that could begin a new and exciting future.
My book, Waiting for the Parade, details information on the individual aspects of success and is a unique approach to personal development. It outlines a system of success that has proved effective for Americans competing in the workforce or struggling with life’s personal challenges.
The book also contains historical facts on political movements, especially socialism, that are not always healthy for the American people or their wallets. I believe it is time for us to speak out and become voices for truth, sanity, and reality.
Many people have become swayed by misinformation, so I have chosen politics, especially socialism, as an example of how a limited education can bring about unintended but large-scale consequences. I have included historical research that exposes the real outcomes of long-term and amateurish socialist attempts at governing.
One of the most important elements of my work is the posing and answering of important questions. Are our chosen leaders creative or divisive? Are they really helping our country or dividing it? Are we all capable of learning and achievement? Can all of us succeed if each of us is provided with personally tailored education and opportunity?

November 20
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