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Warming My Winter Heart

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Publisher Description

You can't run from love forever . . .

When Lexi Blair comes home to Little City from LA for Christmas, she gets the surprise of her life—the ex-fiancé she thought was dead is alive and wants her back!

It's Christmas Eve and Lexi's seen a ghost. Or . . . she thought he was a ghost until her mom admits to faking his death so Lexi would come home for Christmas.

After a humiliating run-in with her ex—which results in Lexi disowning her mother—she hides out at her best friend's tree farm, babysitting a nameless puppy while her friend and hubby tend to a family emergency. 

But farm life comes with a few perks Lexi isn't expecting—mainly a hunky farmhand who's helping Lexi run the place until her friends return.  

While Lexi ran from Little City, John ran to it, and she quickly learns he's healing from past hurts of his own. 

Can Lexi and John stop running before it's too late?

November 19
SolVin Creative
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Annascorn ,

An Incredible Canadian Winter Romance

Warming My Winter Heart by Michelle Cornish is a delightful and sweet romance read!

I'm the kind of girl who likes to curl up on the couch with a blanket, a warm cup of tea and a great contemporary book that will whisk me away into a story. Warming My Winter Heart did just that! This adorably fun romance novel will let you escape and have a little soap opera-esque drama in your life as well.

Lexi Blair is coming home from L.A. because she heard her ex-fiancé has died. Even if they didn't get along, the poor girl is upset over this. Yet, surprises are bound for this girl because he's not actually dead... and he wouldn't mind getting back together. This nasty scheme implemented by people in her close circle is just one of many dramatic plot twists that will have you glued to the edge of you seat and enjoying the soap opera-ness this book has to offer! But it gets better guys! There might be another handsome man waiting in the wings that Lexi can chase after... John is just the guy for her, but he's got his own problems to deal with.

I really liked this book! It's a soft, sweet, contemporary book that is easy to read and moves at a fast pace. The romance doesn't start until about halfway through the book so it's also quite the slow burn. The world develops, we meet the characters and then we get into the real action.

Other positives in list form:

1. A puppy named Prince William - because why not? He's adorable, he's got an awesome name and he's quite the trouble maker.

2. Oh Canada! This book is set in a fictional Canadian city but it's a great Canadian read regardless! I love supporting Canadian authors and I love reading Canadian fiction. Have I said Canadian enough for you yet? No? How about one more "Canadian" to make a statement?

3. Accounting and Marketing are mentioned in this book as careers. For some reason, I rarely come across romance novels that have those careers. It's kind of random, but to me it was a bonus!

4. The world and characters are not perfect. Don't you hate those characters that are Mary Sue's and seem to have it all going for them? These characters have real problems and act real. I felt like I would actually now some of these characters if they magically popped out of the book and came alive. I like stories where the people are realistic and relatable. Not everyone has a perfect, little life!

5. The best friend's name is Briar. I am Briar. This is mega cool! Other than Sleeping Beauty (Briar Rose), I rarely see the name Briar pop up anywhere. It's goofy, but again - you gotta find the small things in life that make you happy.

6. The book is about 200 pages long, which for me is the perfect length for a dramatic romance. The book doesn't feel like it's too short and it doesn't feel like it drags on. The length is literally perfect in my mind. It's also not so big and daunting that you don't want to read it. The book is manageable - which sounds awful in writing but is a huge bonus for readers like me.

7. You can easily put this book down and jump back into it later. Because the book is not overly complicated, it's one of those books that if you don't want to binge read it (why wouldn't you though? It's amazing), then you can set it down for a couple days and come back to it. I also like that as a reader who tends to have a lot going on (and I read this over the holidays, so as you can imagine things can get a little crazy).

8. The cover is adorable! And did I mention there's a tree farm in the book? Yeah. This book has so many Canadian winter vibes. I love it!

Overall, this book is spectacular, fantastic and marvellous!

I, of course, am a little biased because a character is named after me (yay best friend Briar!) and I was mentioned in the author's notes (literally one of my life goals!) but I still think it's an amazing read. I highly recommend it to romance lovers seeking an easy read with lots of drama. Michelle Cornish is a writer to watch out for! Seriously, her books need more attention. I'll be grabbing more of Michelle's book as soon as possible. Join me in this adventure! Grab this book and chat (or gossip) with me about it!

Five out of five stars!

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