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On another planet, commoner Jov Drow is subjected to a Warrior Challenge, so that a Noble can have a job for his mistress.
Obviously Jov will run.
However, Jov is a warrior in hiding, Jov will fight.
With the help of a Noble lady, Jov prepares to fight.
The Noble lady discovers that Jov is more than just a warrior.

The gate guard says, “Captain, I got a Monk, on a bicycle. What do I do?”

“Wait for me. I’m on my way, with Jov Drow.”

A Captain and Jov Drow appear.

The Captain leads the Monk and Jov Drow to an athletic field.

The Monk then begins to teach Jov Drow the use of a meteor hammer.

(The meteor hammer is simply a rope with a weight at each end. It is also two weapons, since each end can work independently. The meteor hammer can have a range of several feet, perhaps as far as ten feet. Then again the other end of a meteor hammer can be used at a range of a couple of feet. Since a meter hammer ball can be twirled at the end of a long rope, the ball can move at very high speeds. However, a meteor hammer ball is also a danger to the user.)

Jov Drow works, under the guidance of the Monk. Jov makes progress, but he also hits himself a few times.

After what proves to be an hour and a half, the lesson is over and the Monk departs.

Jov Drow then goes back to the gym and works with the machines there, as usual, until he’s exhausted.

The same kind of work schedule goes on for several weeks.

Jov seems to make a lot of progress and then has to work very hard to move up the next step.
* * *
Valia is ushered in to talk with Trushor. Valia says, “It is nice of the Gavro of the North to see your Markess of Savarine Pass vassal.”

Trushor says, “It’s always a pleasure to see you Valia. You mentioned a problem.”

Valia lectures, “One of my subjects has been issued a Warrior Challenge, by the Gavro of the East.”

Trushor says, “So I have heard. A Warrior Challenge is a bit unusual, in this day and age.”

Valia lectures, “Normally a Warrior Challenge is a sentence of death. However, the young man who received the challenge is determined to survive. Jov Drow works at the military base at Savarine Pass. He has had a medical upgrade and he now trains each and every night.”

Trushor says, “This young man, Jov Drow, will face six trained warriors. His chances don’t look good. You know that I can’t interfere in a Warrior Challenge.”

Valia says, “Jov Drow may face seven opponents, not just six. The matter of the seventh opponent is why I am here.”

Trushor thinks for a few moments and then says, “This young man, Jov Drow, will face six trained warriors. His chances don’t look good. However, you think that he may just defeat the six, as unlikely as that seems. If Jov Drow does manage to defeat the six trained warriors he would then fight the assigned of the Gavro of the East, for that Noble title. In the unlikely event that this Jov Drow does defeat the assigned of the Gavro of the East, then Jov Drow would gain the Noble title. Such an event would have a major impact on the Kingdom.”

Valia says, “Of course Jov Drow can’t defeat seven trained warriors. That would be as ridiculous as a rag tag band of Savarine Pass men defeating a professional army of invaders at the Battle of Savarine Pass.”

Trushor says, “Yes, the King finally managed to get to Savarine Pass, with a trained army. All he found was the dead bodies of the fallen invaders and the death birds.”

Valia says, “Trushor, you undoubtedly have spies who know of the situation with the Mark of Central Valley. Your spies are men. I’m a woman. The Mark of the Central Valley wanted a hussy for his use. He managed to get the hussy promoted to a position that Jov Drow should have had. The Gavro of the East then ‘got rid' of Jov Drow, with a Warrior Challenge. The ladies of the King’s court know all of the details. They don’t use the exact word hussy, but I don’t use that kind of language.”

Trushor says, “Of course not, Valia.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 15
R. Richard
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