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Kate Reid’s book “Webs of Deceit” will give the reader skills to recognize a deviant’s “game plan” to access a child. It will empower the reader to stop the abuse before it has a chance to start.

A spider has 7 stages of building its web to control and entrap an innocent victim. It is specifically designed to deceive and capture prey. Sexual predators work within a similar framework. Reid shows the seven stages of “grooming” from the moment a sex predator has determined to find a child.

The initial stage of building a web around a child and their family is the most crucial stage and being aware and knowing what to do in that moment will save you and your child years of heartache. “Webs of Deceit” will give you insight into a predator’s ‘modus operandi’ and give you the skills to counteract the initial point of contact.

This is definitely a book most parents will not want to miss out on reading. You will look through new eyes, see obvious signs that you never saw before and give substance to that feeling that something doesn't seem "quite right."

You (the parent/caregiver) are the gatekeeper to your home and family. Instinct is not enough to stop these people who are socially skilled and have position, power and resources to enter into our lives on a daily basis. We meet them in our homes, social activities, schools, churches and sports. Wherever there are children, a sexual deviant is not far from them because they position themselves in places to gain access to children. “

"Webs of Deceit” exposes the “game plan” of sexual predators, (including child sex traffickers and pimps) who "groom" our children under our nose.
Where there are children, there are predators close by, and you will be enlightened, empowered and skilled to protect your child from the “grooming” and entrapment of sexual predators as we go inside their minds and show you how easily they deceive us.

March 8
Kate Reid
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