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Whisper Into My Eyes is the first composition from the book series Cracked Hearts One Soul. Described as a meditative poetic journal, this first book will take you travelling to places where time and space does not always exist. It will draw out of you feelings of pain, fear, suffering and sadness but yet also those of love, peace, happiness, and harmony and afterwards your soul will have experienced this universe in a mysterious yet real way. Throughout these travels you will come across darkness, but also light, despair but also hope. It will be your choice to see what you want to see and feel what you want to feel. Each poem will tell you a little bit about yourself. Every time you read the composition over you will be able to witness a change in what's dark and what's light in the world around you from what the poems have revealed to you about yourself. This poetic journal series is just one piece of a puzzle that I have been working on for several years. All harnessed through meditation and love. There are many others carrying pieces to this puzzle, expressing in ways each to his own. By listening to our inner voice, trusting the world around us, and opening our hearts to other souls also on this journey, we will finally hear and see what the universe is telling us. Collectively we can piece together this broken puzzle and become one.

Fiction & Literature
August 15
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Customer Reviews

Waterfalls GP ,

Loved this book

Loved how each poem was a little story within a big story delivered through poetry. Amazing spin.

Stumped again113 ,

Interesting perspective

I really liked this book. Very relatable...

Mayo H ,

Very poetic

Really enjoyed reading this book. Exactly how it's described.

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