Who Was Al Khidr

On Human Consciousness, the Quantum Universe and Allah creating Man in his Image

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When Musa (Moses) stood to deliver a Khutbah (lecture) to the children of Isra’il, He was asked: “Who is the most knowledgeable among the people?” He said: “I am the most knowledgeable.” So Allah admonished him, since he did not refer the matter back to Him.

Allah revealed to him: “A slave, among My slaves at the junction of the two seas, is more knowledgeable than you.”

So Musa asked: “O Lord! How can I meet him?”

“Then found they one of Our slaves, unto whom We had given mercy from Us, and had taught him knowledge from Our presence”. (18:65)

This servant to which Allah had sent one of his greatest prophets to learn from was Al Khidr.

This work looks into who al Khidr was in history and the person Allah sent to guide Musa (as).

To understand who Al Khidr is and the nature of the knowledge Allah had given him we have to first understand the prophets (saws) words “Allah created Adam in His image.”

And to understand how “Allah created Adam in His Image” we have to understand human physiology, and the manner by which it acquires knowledge.

Scientist are beginning to discover and understand that human conciseness and what we perceive in our mind is a state of matter, akin to how a solid or gas is made from matter, and that it to, is governed by the same laws of physics that govern this universe, and in fact is born out of these quantum interactions.

Allah said about al Khidr (r.a) “And We taught him knowledge from Us”(18:65).

The Prophet (saws) said, “Beware the vision of the believer, for he sees with the light of Allah,” then he recited the verse: “Therein lie portents for those who read the signs” (al-mutawassimin) (15:75) (Tirmidhi)

“AND [remember:] We have not created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them without [an inner] truth” (15:85)

“On the earth are Signs for those with certainty in Faith”(51:20)

Therefor to understand the importance of the role Human Physiology plays in reading the signs of Allah, which al Khidr taught Moses (saws) about, we have to understand Human consciousness and the significance of mans ability, through his physiology, to gain knowledge from his surroundings.

Allah made a promise to the non muslims in the Quran “In time We shall make them fully understand Our messages [through what they perceive] in the utmost horizons [of the universe] and within themselves, so that it will become clear unto them that this [revelation] is indeed the truth. [Still,] is it not enough [for them to know] that thy Sustainer is witness unto everything?”[Qur'an 41:53]

In this promise Allah establishes a relationship between the Laws of the Universe and the matter man is created from, in fact scientist have come to understand that they can not comprehend the vast universe unless they first unravel the mysteries of the quantum world and the particles we are created from.

This promise is explained and we illustrate how since Allah created us in His image, mans physiology and consciousness are similar to this image and the quantum Universe. Then a number of research papers and discussions on the areas of knowledge and subjects it raises are presented. Such as the nature of time, space, quantum mechanics, what is meant by the verse “Allah is the light of the Heavens and the Earth” (24:35).

Then it delves into Islamic intellectual history by its scholars and the Ash’ari and Maturidi Aqeedah’s (Islamic Creeds) which discussed the subatomic world.

Finally it presents a historical discussion which answers the question “To what extent did Islam’s scholars discuss the Quantum Universe and its nature? and how does Quantum Mechanics relate to mans perception of the world around him?

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