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Capitalism and the corporate form it creates is over-rated and neither are understood. Capitalism and that corporate form restrain your choice. They both present us with either an absence of choice or meaningless ones. Democratic Socialism doesn’t do either. Democratic Socialism means more real and freer choices. Ed tells all the why, the what and the who. Economics, politics, and ideology aren’t always easy to understand. But, it is necessary that we do so, if we are to be a free people. This work gives the opportunity to get that understanding, albeit with a little work on the reader's part. In this treatise you will get the nitty-gritty of the history of capitalism, why it was so enthusiastically received by consumers who thought they would get a justifiable benefit, the history of the corporate form and its subsequent development, the true motivation of the resulting large corporations, the concepts of competition, of efficiency, and the alleged free markets that are anything but free. How monopoly and oligopoly are the norm and how those corporations manipulate production which both raises prices and lowers wages. You will learn why ‘You Feel the Bern!’ You will learn why Chris and The Rev and Ed and even Joe make sense to you. You will learn why Fox News, even when it presents a semblance of the news, confuses you with its contradictions. You will learn why they say that they favor equality in race, ethnicity and religion, but attempt to make it harder for blacks to vote. You will learn why they are against meaningful immigration laws. You will learn why they are against an Islamic fundamentalist regime in the Middle East, but in favor of an Evangelical, born-again one in their own country. You will learn why they introduce so much anti-female legislation. You will learn why you have to work harder and harder just not to fall further behind and why so many of you don’t like your job or your boss when all you want to do is meaningful work. You will learn why the one-per centers get more and more and you get less and less for working harder and harder. You will learn why you don’t like your bank, your mortgage company or any of your financial institutions. You will learn why your vote continues to shrink in importance and why it becomes less important to the election’s outcome.
It’s all about WEALTH!
It’s all about POWER!
It’s all about IDEOLOGY!

Business & Personal Finance
August 29
Ed Weiss
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