Why You Can't Putt And What To Do About It‪!‬

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Do you often misread the green? Or worse, read it correctly but start your putt on the wrong line? Not sure how to read the green and play the breaks? If you find it hard to leave it close, let alone make a lot of putts, this is the book for you.

Why You Can't Putt And What To Do About It includes our unique and powerful method for reading the green and more importantly, knowing what to do with the information, this system is simple to learn and takes the guesswork out of putting.
At last a simple method to determine exactly where to aim your putt and how hard to hit it. You will be making more putts within minutes of reading this revolutionary new putting method. This is the first complete system that will teach you the 4 fundamental skills of making a putt:

1. Reading the green
2. Finding the line
3. Determining the distance or how hard to hit the putt
4. Hitting it where you are aiming

If you don't master all 4 skills, you will never improve your putting. Finally, there is a system available that connects all 4 skills into a comprehensive putting system.

The Zenith Point Putting System is the answer!

Make more putts than ever before as soon as you finish the book! The methods are simple and easy to learn and will improve your putting immediately

The Zenith Point method will have you finding the correct line quickly and easily every time on any green! You will learn a simple and repeatable method for determining the break and finding the correct line.

You will also learn how to determine the distance needed to sink the putt, where to aim, and how to actually hit the putt where you are aiming it! All of the skills for draining putts are together in this complete putting system!

Everyone wishes they could hit 300-yard drives and we all go to the range and pound driver after driver shot, rarely coming close to that 300-yard drive. "Drive for show, putt for dough." We've all heard the saying. We vow to work on putting, but we get to the range or the course and if we warm up at all, putting is often neglected or we mindlessly putt a few without really having a goal, a routine, or any way to know if what we are doing is helping to improve our putting.

The truth is, most golfers will never be able to hit 300-yard drives, most of the pros don't hit it that far. It takes a level of timing and athleticism that most recreational golfers will never possess. Most golfers don't spend enough time working on their putting, the one area of your game where timing, strength, and athleticism are not necessary for incredible improvements in performance. Putting accounts for nearly half of your strokes in a round and yet it is mostly neglected when we practice.

So, ask yourself this question- “how much time do you currently practice putting in a month?” 30 minutes, an hour, two hours? What if you could practice putting for 30 minutes to an hour per month and develop putting skills that take the pros hours and hours per week to master? That is what I hope to teach you in this book.

If you’re like me, you have a busy life with many demands on your time. It Is very difficult to carve out practice time for your golf game. Add to that the fact that there are so many aspects of your game that can use practice, like driving, chipping, sand play, full swing, and of course putting. With all of these demands you’re probably lucky if you play golf, much less find the time to practice!

The purpose of this book is to teach you a method for mastering the critical skills of putting with the least amount of practice time required. With a very small investment in time to read this book and practice the method described, you will become an excellent putter and shave 7-12 strokes per round from your golf game guaranteed. This is the first time there has been one book that offers everything you need in one comprehensive system to help you putt like the pros!

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May 2
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