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When her cousin became the wife of the King of Cardenas, Tatiana Angelo was swept away by the intrigue and decadence of royal court life. Catching the eye of a rich and titled lord seemed like a dream come true, but a few months after their whirlwind elopement, Tatiana found herself abandoned by the man who claimed to love her. Now, all she wishes to do is return to her previous life of simplicity and freedom. When she meets Adrian Wilshire, Tatiana is certain she's found in him the freedom and passion she desires. But, when the truth of his identity comes to light, the consequences of their connection begin to rear their ugly heads.

A few months ago, Adrian was nothing more than the illegitimate son of a courtesan and a lord. After years of hard work, he's finally saved enough to begin the modest but quiet life he's always craved, hoping to leave the ghosts of his tormented past behind. When he sets eyes on the vivacious Gypsy woman dancing under the moonlight, Adrian knows that he has finally found the one who could make his dream of a happy future complete. But the strain of a responsibility he never wanted weighs heavily on him, as the demands of an estate left to him by his father press in on him from all sides. Can he survive trapped in a gilded cage he despises and still keep the heart of a woman who desires freedom above all else?

With his vengeful half-brother bent on destroying everything he has inherited, Adrian will find keeping the balance between duty and love even more complicated.

July 15
Marion Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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