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Are You Looking For Fast Workouts For Cheerleaders to Improve Stunts and Tumbling?
Does the idea of spending hours outside of practice lifting weights and doing cardio seem impossible or unpleasant?
Do you want to know a way to cut your cheerleading workouts in half and double the results?
Do you want to be able to execute the high scoring pyramids, stunts and tumbling required in competitions?
Current trends in competition scoring and tumbling rule changes make it critical to improve your stunts and pyramids. A premium is being placed by judges on including more single base stunts, increasing the quality and quantity of flyers in the air, higher basket tosses, multiple twisting and inverted elements into/ out of stunts and pyramids. It is extremely important cheerleaders increase their strength and stamina significantly if they wish to compete let alone place at the highest levels of cheerleading.
This Workout For Cheerleaders Will Help You:
Improve strength and stamina in one workout without hours of boring cardio.
Teach you six different ways to train using the same exercises
Improve Single Base Stunts
Improve Cheer Tumbling
Improve the stability of pyramids and stunt groups
Increase the height of basket tosses
Increase stamina for longer and better practices
Decrease injuries in the wrist, knee, shoulder and back

A Personal Note from the Author:
A stronger, fitter athlete is a better athlete. So Who Am I and Why Should Listen to Me?
My name is Alton Skinner and I am a strength coach and a performance nutritionist for over 20 years.
Why should you listen to me? I have trained elite athletes from virtually every sport. I have provided training and equipment for Fortune 500 companies, multiple NCAA national championship programs. But the main reason you should listen to me is that I am a cheer dad and coach.
I know what it’s like to try to fit everything that goes into developing a cheerleader to their full potential while balancing the needs of the program, team, and family on a tight schedule and budget. I have seen the haphazard thrown together practices; I have been scared nearly to death watching my child fall. I have iced the bruise and comforted the tears of pain and disappointment from injury and losing. However, I have also seen the excitement of mastering a new tumbling pass, the joy of hitting that perfect stunt perfectly for the first and I have seen the tears of joy of winning a competition. I believe every coach, every parent and every athlete should have access to the best tools and information to help them reach their goals faster and safer.
I have watched thousands of hours of competition and practices ranging from young cheerleaders just learning to the Kentucky Wildcats winning programs. I have analyzed them from a sports science and artistic view in an attempt to find the best methods perform better faster. I have read and seen most of the products available for increasing the strength, flexibility and endurance of cheerleaders and to be honest, most of them are just terrible. They either don’t work or if they do the program is either too long and/or too complicated to be consistently followed in the real world.
I created this system to help you hit the ground running and make the quickest, safest and most explosive improvements you and your team have ever experienced. There is no fluff, just a straight to the point easy to follow workout that any cheerleader, coach or parent can use

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June 14
Alton Skinner, Jr
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