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The Witches In Love Part 4: 6 Fantasy Fiction Romance Short Stories

Total word count 20,381.

Please note that each of these short stories can all be bought as a standalone single story.

The Witch’s Sight
Tessa can see what most people cannot, including the long voyage of her best friend Edward who will sail off leaving her to find his fortune.
However, even she cannot see everything especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Making her quite unprepared when Edward comes back home four years later, having changed from a boy to a man. A man what’s more who is desperate to see and speak with Tessa!

The Witch’s Promise
Alanna promises to give Ramsey anything he wishes so long as he releases her unharmed. She presumed that he would want riches or power.
However, she is soon to find that what Ramsey desires most of all, is the one thing she cannot give him!

The Witch’s Chosen Companion
Maria has always cared for her carefree friend Ali, but the thought of leaving all she has known to start upon a long journey with him leaves her afraid.
However when Ali is captured and held prisoner fear becomes the last thing on her mind, as Maria desperately looks for a way to save him.
And it is when all hope seems to be lost that Maria learns something new about Ali that will make her question the strength of their friendship as well as herself!

The Witch’s Kidnap
When Cole kidnaps Edith from her chamber, he believes he has everything all under control and Edith entirely in his power.
How wrong could he have been! As he soon finds out that Edith is no damsel in distress, and neither is she one to submit to anyone unless there is a good reason for her doing so.
Leaving it up to Cole to win her over with reason and if that fails his heart.

The Witch’s Deception
Cassius is not having much luck of late. First tricked by a beautiful thief named Arianna who has stolen his priceless family dagger and then later by half senile old woman who delivers him false information.
He is determined to find both of the women who have wronged him, but they are only a small part of his problem as he tries at the same time to run away from his past.
With so much drama surrounding him, Cassius wonders if there can ever be a happy ending for him.

The Witch’s Revelation
Ragor has battled his whole life with his identity, not knowing who or what he is. But it is only when his adopted people turn against him in the most vicious of ways that he is forced to confront the truth about himself.
A truth that can set him free along with the help of the one who has guided him unknowingly through the most emotional moments of his life.

April 22
Elizabeth Reed
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