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Publisher Description

After years of failure, research physicist Jerry Jergensen successfully constructs a dimensional gateway mirror and discovers a parallel planet eerily similar to ours only undeveloped. Realizing the vast potential of the new discovery, attempts are made to capitalize on Jerry’s discovery by the company’s majority owner but the U.S. government becomes aware of the device and the parallel world and seizes control of the research facility and the project.

While leading his first contact team to the planet, three of the Jerry’s team members are killed in a bizarre accident. Saddened but unfazed by these turns of events, Jerry determines to return to the planet only to discover that the planet is inhabited by a small group of beings called The US. Although they now serve as overlords of the planet due to their knowledge of how it functions, they all were once men, scientist like Jerry and his crew. They have now become something more. One of The US befriends Jerry and agrees to teach him and a select group of others how to survive, live and prosper on the planet where everything is created and controlled by spoken words.

While the US complete their training of the first group of visitors, the U.S. government strikes an agreement with the US to allow regular people to come and live on designated locations on the planet. The U.S. government also begins manufacturing larger gateway mirrors to sell to other countries for exorbitant sums. As sales of the gates increase, the designated land begins to dwindle and the U.S. government and military now need more land on the new world to keep up with demand.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 17
Vincent H. Ivory
Smashwords, Inc.